Thursday, July 4, 2013

"Summers" brings along a reason to be "Happy". Not because the days are longer and we can do a lot more,.. But because Now, the time has come to set yourself free and enjoy those "Weekend Trips" once again!

And who on Earth doesn't want to be near water in summers?? Well.... I guess all of us :)

A trip to "Coney Island" was one of my 1st trip in U.S. to a beach side. It was a chilling relief in the hot sunny weather. The crowd was thoroughly enjoying. Some were playing games, some were enjoying the sun bath. And few were silently walking against the waves as if they were in deep conversation.

The trip was more than a "beach walk". We had rides of all kinds along the beach and every ride was thrilling enough to bring your heart close to your mouth !!! There were also  various eating outlets to fill your tummy and quench your thirst. A delight for Sea food lovers.

One more 'not afford to be missed' attraction is the famous Coney Island's Aquarium. A must see for all. It also features 4D shows. Although the shows were small (15 to 20 minutes) but do grab your seat tight while you experience a unique phenomenon.

The famous "Boardwalk"

A Coney Look

Beach side Amusement

Happiness in 4D

A glimpse of Coney Aquarium

Ships of same sail, sails together

Panoramic View

Chill Out this Summer !!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

We all admire beauty and Beauty leaves an impression on everyone's mind. For some of us the memory doesn't last longer. It works on the theory of "out of sight, out of mind". And for few of us - we don't let it go out of sight...!! We capture the Instant Beauty.... "Impression" then is everlasting.

Photography has always fascinated me,. Not only the science behind it attracts me but more fascinating is the Art of photography that makes me think.. and think a lot. Its like a silent beautiful mind working in the background but the results.. Speaks Aloud.

"Camera"... Is that all you need ??.. Well, it is essential but more important.. is to posses a sense of beauty. A saying goes - "Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder". A person who recognizes beauty in what all he sees, captures the Best shot! So all the beholders (out there), all you need to do, is to hold the Camera and then.. Just click it at the right moment :-)

Since I bought my first Camera, a "Sony Cybershot", I've been busy exploring the photography world. Its vast like an ocean. You have all the space you need, to make your own world. To make this world more happening I switched to Blogging (by the way - Can we say it 'Plogging'!!). A sudden thought came to my mind - Why not share my pics over the net!

The main reason behind creating "Focal Length" is to Share and Socialize in the Virtual world Of Photography. To learn and explore the hidden Pixels.

Hope you enjoy reading & more of 'Looking' at this Plog!


Friday, January 11, 2013

It was a fantastic weekend with wonderful friends... and I really needed the break. Although the way to the top was tough through the woods, but the final summit was worth the efforts!! A fabulous view from the top rejuvenated us. A must go for trekking lovers..

Some Pictures looks a bit hazy but if you click on them, it will open up with the best resolution.

We found Jungle Mushrooms on our way...

Follow The TRAIL...

Some unique growth alongside a Rock!!

The Forest was equally Dense on both sides of the Trail

The Rock Tree!!!

The first glance we saw as we ascended above the Woods...

We discovered the Camping Zone..

Awesome View from the Top...

The Final Summit Stone...

It was not "All Green Way".., there were few more Colors..!!

A Panoramic View of the valley

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